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Teachers Tool Box Travel the world by Drone  (Social Studies)

Blending Technology in the Classroom

Reading and Comprehension

Listed under Blending Technology in the Classroom --- Social Studies Videos


Note:  These links are grade specific to help students practice on explicit concept areas. As a teacher, you know that if a student doesn't understand a skill, they still will not know that skill, if students are placed on the computer to practice it. These skill practices are suggested to be used with adult or peer assistance until the student has a basic skill knowledge that can be improved with some extra practice.  Teachers please review the website prior to working on it in class.  All web sites used should be integrated into your lesson for the day or week.

Some links may take you out of the school website.  The school district takes no responsibility for the content of external sites.  In the event you may find any site offensive or inappropriate, please contact the webmaster.  The websites you may visit are from websites all over the world and organized and placed here to facilitate your teaching / learning.

This website was designed with the current paradigm shift in education in mind.  Allowing students to study in class, at home and if they have a wireless device anywhere.

Please take the time to review each website prior to your students viewing the site.  The pages have been designed to allow you to assign homework from each website and they all will furnish you with assistance in learning a standard. You will discover that we have taken the time to blend technology in the classroom using many lessons.

This site is presently being updated every day to match the common core standards with corresponding indicators.  If you wish to offer assistance in doing this it would be greatly appreciated.