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3 - 12

Video - Folders - 1


Creating Folders & Uploading  and downloading documents

Two of many ways to place your lesson in the classroom folder.  
1. Click on the folder above the lesson your working on
2. Arrow on the left
3. click on Shared with me
4. Move to folder/
1. While you are in your document
2. Press "file"
3. Press the back arrow until you see the "Shared with me" folder
4. Select the top folder that says "Assignments Block #   Or your classroom folder.


GRADES  1 - 12

Link for Google Earth:
LESSON A Introduction Lesson A  Intro  
LESSON B Finding Cities Lesson B Finding cities in Ohio using Longitude and Latitude
LESSON C Finding National Parks Lesson C

Discover certain National Parks, using Longitude and Latitude

LESSON 1 Animal Safari Video   Lesson-1 RTF
LESSON 2 Volcanoes Video Lesson-2 PDF Lesson-2 RTF
LESSON 3 Cities around the world Video You may have to click off the protected view settings Lesson-3 RTF
LESSON 4 Disneyland Video You may have to click off the protected view settings Lesson-4 RTF
LESSON 5 Famous Places Video You may have to click off the protected view settings Lesson-5 RTF
Lesson 6 Summer Olympics     Lesson-6
Lesson 7 Land forms     Lesson-7
Lesson 8 NBA Basketball     Lesson-8
LESSON 9 Priceless Pyramids     Lesson-9
LESSON 12 On Earth Hottest, Coldest, Highest, and Deepest   Lesson-12
LESSON 13  Ohio Places Studies Weekly   Lesson-13


Google Earth Lessons Guide and Tips    
LESSON 1 Tundra Biome   LESSON-1 RTF
LESSON 2 Temperate Rainforest Biome   LESSON-2 RTF
LESSON 3 Boreal Forest Biome   LESSON-3 RTF
LESSON 4 Desert Biome   LESSON-4 RTF
1) A MAP and information of Shipwrecks around the world. You will need to log into your google account for 1 - 2.
 2) Google maps distance ( You must log into your Google account then click create a new map for distance?  Use the small ruler above to go between locations
3) Google Sight Seeing around the world with different catagories
2 - 12 Video - Drawing

Lesson - 1 Video on Google drawing

1. Lesson  Inserting a picture

2. Lesson Picture with a story
2 - 12


Video - Printing Printing out your picture or other work    
      Links that may be used in your lessons
      1. Techniques for Photo Sketches  
      2. Create a Fake News Paper  
      3. FotoSketcher 3.30  
      4.  Fun with words  
3 - 12


Video -  Biography
Creating a document with your photo and a biography. 1. Lesson   Photo of you and your Biography  
3 - 12 Video on Creating your Calendar Creating a Calendar for this year 1. Calendar lesson download to an area on your computer Directions for this lesson.
4- 12


  Thinking assignment using Google Docs 2. Lesson   Express how you feel.  We will produce a green screen video at a later time.  
4- 12


Video on Creating A Story with Animation You are going to create a story with animation.  Make a book and also a video of the story. 3.  Lesson   Authoring a story with animation Website to design your story

Click on my story maker

4- 12


Video on Papers written around the World Using word Office or docs find at least (3) news papers and type up information from around the world.  Would be beneficial if you could find a topic and compare. 4. Lesson  --  Newspaper  
9 - 12 Video on Merging Google Doc
Spreadsheet Data
This will be a simple lesson on merging Sheets with Google doc. Creating a paper with grades to be sent home 5.  Lesson

5a. Document      5b. Sheet
You will need to upload these two 5a & 5b into your folder called "MERGING INFORMATION" and open them up as Google docs.

7 - 12


Video on Creating Address Labels Creating address labels to for envelopes 6.  Lesson

6a.  Sheet   Upload to you drive

10 - 12


Lesson 7 Video Creating A Resume Using Google docs to create a Resume 7. Lesson

7a. Example Resume

Cover letter why needed

Example Cover letter


4 - 12


Lesson 8 Video Creating a Video Story Converting a PDF file with your story on it to a video 8. Lesson Very good software program on the Technology Website for educators
3 - 8 Creating a Pictograph in Google You cannot use sheets to design a pictograph in Google.  You can do it on a word document only Lesson - Directions

9. Lesson in Word.

9a. Lesson in PDF

You may create a pictograph in Microsoft Excel.  There are many things you may do in Microsoft that you cannot do in Google Sheets.
3 - 8 Creating a QR Code
Assessment with Differentiation
Lesson - 1
Open up this lesson and follow the directions for creating a QR Code.  You will place the problems on a blank sheet of paper with your name on top.
K - 1 Graphing
Adjust the bears relative to the numbers posted
Log into your Google account first, then copy the link to the right to your Google account!

Directions:  (CLICK HERE)

9 - 12


Video - Art Museum Creating a spreadsheet sheet using Google sheets 1. Lesson  Art Museum Field Trip Placing the rt Spreadsheets in your Google Drive

1.Open up and slide the link to your desktop
2. Open up your Google sheet.
3. Click on File and open.
4.Click on Upload
5. Drag the spreadsheet from your desk to the area that says Drag a File here.  You file will then start to be uploaded.
6. Click open

Video about transferring files to Google sheets


9 - 12


Video My Budget Creating a spreadsheet for Budget 2. Lesson   My Budget  
9 - 12


Video on Charts 

Creating a Spreadsheet with Charts 3. Lesson   Charts
3 - 12


Video on Logic Spreadsheets Creating a Spreadsheet with Logic problems 4. Lesson   Written Lesson on Spreadsheets
4a. Sheet   upload to your Drive


9 - 12


Video on Million - Billion - Trillion Analyzing a Spreadsheet to determine One Trillion in Time and Money 5. Lesson      Million  Billion  Trillion

5a. Sheet  upload to your Drive

Upload Sheet into your folder called SPREAD SHEETS


7 - 12


Video on Sorting Part 1 Part 1  Sorting in a Spreadsheet 6. Lesson     Sorting

6a. Sheet   needs to be upload to your Drive

Video about transferring files to Google sheets
9 - 12


Video on Amortization Monthly Amortization 7. Lesson - 7                      DATA SHEET

7. Answers

7C. Quiz


7 - 12


Video on Sorting with Filters Part 2 Part 2 Sorting in a Spreadsheet Lesson - 8
8a. Sheet   upload to your Drive
9 - 12


Video on Lesson 9 Amortization Monthly Amortization 9 Lesson - 9

9 Sheet  needs to be upload to your drive

9 - 12


Video on Lesson 10 Vertical Lookup  Table Vertical Lookup Table 10  Lesson - 10

10a.  Sheet needs to be uploaded to your drive

9 - 12


Video on Lesson 11 Vertical Lookup Table Vertical Lookup Table 11. Lesson - 11

11a.  Sheet needs to be uploaded to your drive.

9 - 12


Video on Lesson 12  Hlookup Horizontal Lookup Table 12. Lesson - 12


12a.  Sheet  needs to be uploaded to your drive

9 - 12


Video on Lesson 13 Hlookup Horizontal Lookup Table

No fill down

13.  Lesson - 13

13a.  Sheet  needs to be uploaded to your drive.

9 - 12


Video on Lesson 14 Hlookup


Horizontal Lookup Stem School Data Table 14. Lesson - 14


14a. Sheet upload to your drive

11 - 12


Video 15 on Car Leasing or Purchase Lesson  Lease a car or Purchase a car
Write the spreadsheet
15.  Lesson


9 - 12


Video 16 on using Functions You will be provided with a page of functions allowing you to become better acquainted. 16. Lesson

16a.  Sheet upload to your drive

7 - 12


  You have two different lessons on the same spreadsheet dealing with round average and time 17  Lesson

17a.  Sheet  upload to your drive

10 - 12


Video Lesson 18 on Forecasting This lesson will use a spreadsheet to forecast pricing changing to obtain the most money. 18. Lesson


18a. Sheet upload to your drive

9 - 12


Lesson 19 Video on 3 Different Levels Vlookup and 1 Hlookup Three levels of Vlookup 1 level of Hlookup 3 columns 19 Lesson

19a.  Sheet upload to your drive

11 - 12


VIDEO ROTH IRA Individual Retirement Arrangement
Roth IRA Savings
20. Lesson
20a.  Download Excel Spreadsheet

This lesson consists of two parts.  Educational on many levels.
Assessment with differentiation

Video 21 on Payroll Part 1 Payroll  Part 1 OF
2 Parts
21.  Lesson - Part - 1

a.  Sheet upload to your drive

To show formulas  you need to click two keys.
Control key and the key second from top left that has
~ and `
Video 22 on
Budget Part 2


This lesson will allow you to understand  budgeting your money & education

21 Lesson  Part - 2

a.  Sheet blank to upload to your drive

b. Sheet with answers to upload

Grades 4 - 12
This lesson will demonstrate what an education will do for you in reference to monthly budgeting Lesson Outline  PDF Data Posted in Excel Learning about education for life and finance with payroll and budgeting
Grades 4 - 12
Payroll for the year
This lesson will demonstrate a full year of income relative to education   Data Posted in Excel Learning about a year in your life using Excel and your future with your educational background.
Grades 6 - 12
Payroll for the year
This lesson will provided for you insight to your monthly income relative to education EXCEL LESSON  (DATA) Written Lesson  


Grades K - 2

Lesson teaching  sequence of events in a story. 

Video Power Point Lesson
Upload power point to your Google drive and convert it to Google slides.
K - 1 NUMBERS This lesson will provided  lesson on numbers 1 - 10 Power Point Lesson Directions: CLICK HERE
K - 1 - 2 Numbers & Graphing using fall, winter, fish, and Christmas tree

This lesson will allow the student to see the value of a chart in counting objects

Power Point Lesson click
Directions are on each slide.  Students will paste objects on different items and count the number of objects and adjust  the line on the chart so it is equal to what is on the image. You may load it to your Google drive and convert it to a Google slide.
K - 1 - 2


Numbers finding the order of numbers This lesson will provide a student or your class to see the order of numbers. Power Point Lesson- A whale of counting
Directions are on each slide.  Students will move a circle to show the correct number. You may load it to your Google drive and convert it to a Google slide. (CLICK HERE)
K - 1 - 2


Simple addition This lesson will provide a student or your class to witness addition Power Point Lesson Pumpkin Patch addition.
Directions are on each slide.  Students will move show addition. You may load it to your Google drive and convert it to a Google slide
K - 1 - 2 Creating a town map and a desert map Students will create their own town (Power Point Lesson to Download) Students will work with each slide and design a town and a desert town.  You may load it to your Google drive and convert it to a Google slide.
2 - 12 Creating Jigsaw Puzzles

VIDEO  Directions

You may create or have your students create Jigsaw puzzles from Photos Power Point: Make your own jigsaw puzzle in Power Point
very easy to do and you may print it out.  Short video!
4 - 12


Video - Slides for Education Creating a number of slides that will assist in learning 1. Lesson - 1   Slides   
4 - 12


Video on Creating a JPEG with a Quote Creating a photo with an Educational Quote. 2. Lesson -2   Slides for quotes   
4 - 12


Video on Nonlinear Slide Presentation Creating a Slide Presentation that is Interactive and Nonlinear 3. Lesson   Directions for Windows and Mac 3. Lesson   Directions for Chrome book
3a Slides to upload to your google drive  
3  -12

Chrome Computer

Video is currently being Created for if you are using a Chrome Computer Creating Math Picture Puzzles 1. Power point to Convert

2. Blank word document for your lesson

Directions for Creating Math Picture Puzzles
3 - 12

Windows Computer

Video on creating math digital puzzles if you are using a windows computer Creating math digital puzzles 1. Written Directions

2. Power Point to upload and convert

Word document to paste your math lesson on
9 - 12


Video on Non Linear Multiple Choice Slide Presentation Multiple Choice Side Presentation 4. Lesson   Slides Non liner


4a. Slides  Upload to your Google drive

2 - 5 Power Point
Open up in Your Google

Power Point- Don't run this lesson by not running it you may move the  answers

Click below to download
You may down load this power Point to learn about Colors, Numbers and Math Picture Puzzle
8 - 12


Video on adding your voice to slides Adding voice to slides and PDF files 5. Lesson  
2 - 12


Video on Creating a Collage CREATING A COLLAGE USING SLIDES 6. Lesson

6a. Example in PDF format

Creating a Graph Counting Birds Directions (Click Here)
K - 1 Subitizing-Dots-Clown
K - 1  Subtracting-Fish-6-8
5 - 6


Power Point convert to Google Slides if needed
5 - 6


PreK - 2 Lesson Down Load and convert to Google slides
  Make your own lessons video listed below




9 - 12


Video on Creating Google Forms Survey Creating Google Survey Form 1. Lesson  
9 - 12


Example Quiz Civil War  only 4 Questions    
9 - 12


Video on Creating Google Form Quiz Creating a Google Quiz 2. Lesson  


7 - 12




This first lesson is designed to allow you the student to learn the basics before you create a sophisticated tour lesson.
  Videos on how to create a Google Tour      
  1.  VIDEO - 1      
  2. VIDEO  - 2      
  Google Tours Gallery      
Google Tour Builder Lesson example The Egyptian Monuments of Four Pharaohs Click Here  

Click the link to the right for a tour

Washington DC Tour 

Click the link to the right for a tour must use Google account Ohio's Underground Railroad Click Here
Must use your Google Account