Internet Safety
Substance Abuse

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Sammy's Guide to Internet Safety Substance Abuse & Suicide: A guide to Understanding the Connection and reducing Risk Cypher Bulling The Complete Resource Guide
The Internet and How it Works Bullying and Substance Abuse:  Who it Affects and Why

Problems Bullies & Victims
Information for parents)

Staying Safe On the Internet with Watson the Walrus
(Has a workbook to download)
Discover the Best Rehab Programs The Truth about Smoking
This is a must for students, teachers, and parents to watch
Alcohol Addiction
Parent and Teachers guide to internet Safety Alcohol: Rehab & Recovery The Dangers of Juuling

Videos on Juuling:
1. Dangers of Juuling

2. 10 Things Juuling does not want you to know

  Heroin Addiction:  Dangers & Side Effects
  Heroin: Rehab & Recovery
  Meth Addiction:  Dangers and Side Effects
  Meth: Rehab & Recovery