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This web page will provide a framework for the creation of a technology plan for teaching 21st Century skills.   It is based on the recent paradigm shift affecting teachers to change their pedagogy.    Please remember this web page is a work in progress, and will be constantly updated. The information you will find on this page we hope will assist you in many ways:

  1. Provide you a solid understanding of the skills that are needed for our students to learn and teachers to educate.
  2. Many engaged lessons will be made available (posted) to allow teachers and students to become familiar using 21st Century concepts. 
  3. Teaching will become more enjoyable and the student will take pleasure in coming to class.
  4. Examples for students will be listed for all grade levels containing lessons.
  5. Videos will assist you in understanding why we must alter how we teach.
  6. This web page represents a pedagogical bias that is a composite of research from many different universities and teachers around the world.
  7. Many links will be made available; allowing a broader and more in-depth awareness of what is obtainable for you.
  8. You will only be limited by your imagination in creating and integrating lessons.

An outstanding source and or tool that you may wish to become proficient with is Smart Ed Software.  This software fits like a glove when working with 21 century skills.   You will discover videos on how the software works on this website listed on the main page under the button Smart Board.   Videos and software for you to download with many examples have been provided to allow teachers and student to quickly become proficient in using this 21 Century Skill.

Why and how 21 Century Skills In the Classroom

Why and How  PDF 

21 Century Engaged Lessons ( Search by topic or State Standards

This button will take you to a website that will allow you to printout worksheets that are engaged as well as  critical thinking. You will need your imagination!

Great educational widgets! Generate a widget to show activities, worksheets or  sorted by articles .

Video of a Classroom NOT using 21st Century Skills

Using 21st Century skills in the classroom by both teacher and student.  Very intuitive.

21st Century skills how do we get there?

Introduction to 21st Century Instruction.  Why the change

Different Learning Styles. What works and what doesn't work as well.

Explains the core areas of teaching 21st Century learning.  

How the change will affect you and your students. 

PDf File:  Download the four videos 
(1, 2, 3, 4) listed above.

This video will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to create a lesson using Smart Ed Technology.

"Smart-Notebook" This is an example lesson to accompany the Comprehensive video listed above.

Screen Video Podcasting.  Learn how this will help you and your students in your classroom.


This dynamic video (in 2 parts) will explain the how and where you may obtain information on 21 Century Skills

Ohio is the 21 state to participate in the 21st Century Skills program.

Video showing skills needed for 21 Century

Free Tech Conference why the technology conference technology is needed.  Who should attend

PDF file explaining with examples of WEB 2.0

The 21st Century Student

Example Lessons
 and Videos


Lesson 1  
States/Cap Elementary
Video 1 Video2


Creating a lesson using Smart Ed and 21st Century Skills Examples for High School and Elementary
Example lessons and videos are provided to the right.
Lesson 2 
Alpha / Elementary
Lesson 3 
Chemistry  High School


You will discover videos on how to create lessons using Smart Ed technology.  This software fits like a glove when incorporating 21st Century skills.

Outstanding resource for teachers and students.