Brain Puzzles and Video Questions


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You are provided with both Videos and worksheet questions that you may wish to use in your classroom.

Videos Puzzle Worksheets
1 - Video Test Your Brain 1. Brain Puzzle - Many different areas
2 - Video Test Your Brain 2. Brain Puzzle - Guess the occupation
3 - Video Common Sense 3. Brain Puzzle     Answers Logic word Problems
4 - Video RIDDLE 4. Brain Puzzle     Answers  - Letters A-Z
5 - Video RIDDLE 5. Continents' & Oceans
You will need a pencil and paper for 6
6. Points of the Compass       Answers
7. Points of the Compass-2     Answers
7- Video
The Greatest Scene in Movie History
An amazing inspirational video and worthy of a must viewing in your class.
8. Brain Puzzle & Answers
9. Create your own Word Ladder lesson blank sheets listed below.   6-Words     9-Words   11- Words
8 Video 10 Tricky Riddles That Will Drive You Crazy 10. Decode lesson on American Revolution
11. Inferences  Complete lesson with Videos and worksheets for all grades
9 Video  8th Grade (US History) video quiz

Websites Below for Interactive Fun

10 Video  High school Geography video Quiz Move the Paper Plane to the table
11 Video 20 video Trivia History Questions This is sand

Click on the grade level first or just the area of study
Reading (Cause & Effect) is really good!

  WORD Ladder GAME  GRADES 1 - 2 -3