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Numbers 1 - 12  illustrate different Excel Concepts.  Located more towards the bottom of this page you will discover examples for lessons per grade level.
1.  Introduction to Excel   /   NEW VIDEO 2.  Parts of a Spreadsheet 3.   Entering information & Formatting
4 Sum Function 5.  Subtraction Function 6.   Percentage
7.  Sorting 8.  Creating a Chart 9.  Spreadsheet  Video
Example:   DOC
10. VLookup Table video    Example

11.  Advance
Table lookup

12.  Count Functions Video

Example for Count Functions


Video 2  
  Video 3   



 13.  Header for Excel

Listed below you will find websites, examples in Excel and videos that may assist you in creating lessons for your class and this course.
Examples allowing students to learn math quickly and easily.  You will also provide them with the ability to author their own learning.  This is a win win lesson.  Please look over to the right and use and create any and all lessons you need.

Note: Students answers are checked and presented instantly in the spreadsheet.

Students may also author their own lessons using this concept.

This concept is good for almost all math.

You may use the lessons below to illustrate not only learning some Excel but also the different areas of Math.  You may also have students learn by doing with these lessons.
  Grade Lesson Description
More examples coming.


1. Lesson  Simple Addition Numbers 1-10
1 1. Lesson  Simple Addition Numbers 1-30
1 1. Lesson  Simple Subtraction Numbers 1-10
1 1. Lesson  Simple Subtraction
 Numbers 1-30



3 - 4 1. Lesson  Multiplication  
3 - 5 1. Lesson  Division
    More on the way


Documentation on Pictograph

    Creating a Pictograph  
Video 1  Video 2

Collie English German Sheppard Boston Terrier Scottish Terrier

  1. Excel Lessons

  2. Excel Templates

  3. Excel Lessons

  4. Excel Lessons

The websites on the right may help you to form more ideas in using Excel in your classroom.  1.   Website one
Website two
Website three

Example Lessons by Grade Level

Subject Area Activities Example
In Excel


K - 2 You will discover ideas here that will allow you to create your own Excel spreadsheets.   Addition
Subtraction   Sub
Weather Excel Weather
Counting Coins Excel Coins
M & M with Graph
Using Excel to teach MATH and CHECK Math Lessons answers all grades
Example lessons listed to the right.  Students and teacher may modify the lessons for learning.
Addition Excel You need to edit the area of the spreadsheet that is in red.  Adjust it so that it will equal the answer.  This applies to all 5 lessons listed.
Subtraction Excel    
Multiplication Excel Order of Operations  
Division Excel    
Algebra Excel 2-Step Algebra  
Slope Slope    
3 - 4   Multiplication   Multiply
Division   Division
Visualizing Fractions Excel  
Bar Graph Excel  

Pictograph is located above example

Example1 Video 1 
Video 2
Making a Sandwich   Photo Example - 1 Video   / PDF
Map Coordinates Excel Map1  Map2
Population density per square KM. Excel  
5 - 6   Ratio Converter Excel Conversion
7 - 8   Judy's Allowance    

Budget for President of USA

Excel Example Video 1
Video 2

Collecting Weather Data

Counting Functions Excel Video
Time Line in Excel
9 - 12   Loan amortization Excel Video1
Video 2
Spreadsheet and Graphing Documentation Video
Counting Functions Excel Video
Roth IRA       Make a Million
Excel Video

Spreadsheet WebQuest

Spreadsheet WebQuest