Creating Personal
 Jigsaw Puzzles

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You will discover listed below a website and several videos on how to create your own personal jigsaw puzzle.  You may create a jigsaw puzzle of anything you want.

Step - 1 Video Jigsaw planet  You will need to create your own personal account.  This site is free.
Step - 2 Video This video will illustrate how to take a photo and transfer it to a jigsaw puzzle.  You may take a photo of anything.  You do however need to have a solid background (one color).  This will allow you to create a transparency to be used to place the pieces together.
Step - 3 Video This video will demonstrate how to take a power point slide and convert it to a JPG and then upload this to the Jigsaw website so that you may convert it to a jigsaw puzzle.
Ideas 1).  You may take a photo of your students and create a jigsaw puzzle of them.

2).  Create objects that they may put together.

3.  Create site words allowing students to place the puzzle together to learn the word.


Symmetry  Smart Board
Creating Jigsaw Puzzle in Power Point Create your own jigsaw Puzzle - Using your Photo or Google