This website was designed as a pay forward for all of my brothers who were killed in Vietnam. It has been over 50 years when they and others like them and in other wars, gave their lives for this country.

     The main idea of this website is to identify and disseminate effective instructional and professional development resources and best practices to students, parents,  school districts, and higher education institutions.  We wish to foster an integrated educational research and development capacity through a collaborative approach in conjunction with Willoughby-Eastlake Schools, Ashland University, Lakeland Community College and Ursuline College.  

   Students who are presently enrolled in Educational Technology courses at these schools and specifically, students who are presently taking an Educational Technology course, instructed by me are working to keep this site up-to-date.  It is our hope that this website will better prepare not only Ohio’s schools, school districts, colleges and universities involved in teacher preparation, but the rest of the world.   This website is complimentary.  The only form of payment are the emails we receive from educators from around the world.

     During the course of time, we are presently traveling around the state working with educators in the classroom.  The teachers explain what students are currently having difficulty with.  We then design worksheets accompanied with videos to assist in learning.  Not all the students learn at the same pace in a classroom setting, nor are they at the same level of understanding. Our lessons are designed to allow a differential in learning, and provided the students the opportunity to pursue their learning not only in the classroom but at home.  All videos are designed so they may be viewed on any form of computer system (computer-iPad - Tablet - Smart Phone).

    You will discover that we have placed WORD WALL on the webpage.  It is great as it both visual and interactive.  It will allow not only educators to create lessons but also students.  It is free to use and we have provided a video posted under LESSONS OF INNOVATION to present how this is done.

   There is no charge for the lessons, nor is there any profit obtained from the website.  This site is a pure form of "pay forward". Helping the world learn regardless of what country you live in is our intended goal!