Sites for Kids


  1. Ben's Guide - U.S. Government Web Sites for Kids
  2. Best Sites for Kids
  3. FirstGov for Kids - the U.S. government interagency Kids' Portal.
  4. Great Websites for Kids from ALA (American Library Association)
  5. Online Activities from KidsDomain - Numerous activities of all types for kids.
  6. Search Tools for Kids - Search engines designed for use by children accompanied by screened sites just for kids
  7. Websites for Kids - a Canadian site


  1. BrainFood - Finished his/her work? Try this stimulating site if your child has a few minutes to spare!
  2. Child Safety on the Information Highway - rules for kids and guidelines for parents.
  3. Crossword Puzzle Fun - Site offers 32,400 free crossword puzzles and fun tools for people who enjoy word games
  4. Online Crosswords - Not only crosswords are on this site. Play Word Search, Word Slide and even Currency Exchange games
  5. Energy Quest: Energy Education from the California Energy Commission
  6. Fun Brain: Where Kids Get Power: check out their educational games
  7. Lil' Fingers Storybook Over a dozen stories and a coloring activities page also
  8. Muppet Movies - Lyric archive
  9. Neuroscience for Kids - The smell of a flower - The memory of a walk in the park - The pain of stepping on a nail. These experiences are made possible by the 3 pounds of tissue in our heads...the BRAIN!! Explore their activities to learn more about this part of you.
  10. Safety for Kids: What to do if you are lost, avoiding fights, and lots of other issues.
  11. StudyStack - The StudyStackTM concept was designed to help people memorize information about various subjects. Using the StudyStack web site, you use your computer to display a stack of "virtual cards" which contain information about a certain subject.
  12. Weekly Brain Teasers: grades 3-4, 5-6, and 7 +
  13. Words and Pictures - These games and activities from the BBC will make learning phonics fun.

 Newspapers Just for Kids

  1. Scholastic News - America's Leading News Source for Kids.
  2. Science Daily - Links to the latest research news
  3. Student News Net - Student News Net - Explore your world
  4. TimeForKids Online - from Time Magazine
  5. Yak's Corner - Welcome to Yak's Corner, America's coolest newsmagazine for kids


  1. Make your own Bookmarks -Design and print your own personal bookmarks.
  2. Sesame Street Coloring Pages: A collection of coloring pages featuring the letters of the alphabet and your favorite characters from Sesame Street.
  3. Coloring Pages from PBS - Find your favorite characters to color!
  4. Segplay - Color by number pictures online interactive.

Holiday Links 

  1. The American Secular Holidays Calendar - "Let's see ... hmmmm, when is Veterans day?" If you ever ask questions like that, go to this page enter the year and see important dates for that year. This calendar covers years later than 1776. If you are interested, in the year 2195 Earth Day will be Wednesday, 22 April.
  2. Yahoo Directory - Holidays and Observances
  3. Large list of Holiday links from a Canadian teacher

Just for Fun

  1. Barney and Friends - Music, games, stories and more.
  2. CopyCat - roll the die to make the pattern match the cube on the right.
  3. Games - Many different game formats. Similar to the video game machines of old.
  4. Games - Many games to choose.
  5. Great Mazes - Can you find your way out? On-line interactive mazes to choose from, .
  6. J'rio - Similar to Mario Brothers game
  7. Mastermind - I know it's just a game! But, this game really makes you, or your students, use logical reasoning. Give it a try.
  8. Nibbly - Similar to the Pacman games
  9. Mazes - Prongo
  10. Mazes - Printable for older kids
  11. Mazes - Printables for kids.
  12. Paint By Number -The Art of Piecful Imaging - Color by number in the digital age!
  13. Pauly's Playhouse - Some of the games are educational and others are just plain fun. Want to see a neat four function calculator for kids? Take a look at Professor Finkle's Adding Machine.
  14. School Express - Fun Time - Many games to enjoy!
  15. Sesame Street - A place for kids to have fun! Games, stories, art, music and many other activities.
  16. Spiderman in Amazing Adventures an activity book for children K-6. Part of the READ*WRITE*NOW! campaign.
  17. Surfing the Net with Kids - Barbara J. Feldman, a former computer consultant and programmer, is the mother of two young children. "Surfing the Net with Kids" is syndicated in newspapers nationally.
  18. Test your checkers skills against a monkey (Fenyang)
  19. Whomp! - Find as many words as you can! Beat the monster!