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Many websites have been searched the world over to arrange these links to support education  and state standards.   It must be recognized that many people have made these pages possible and it will take time to do this justice with a thank you. You will find listed below numerous web sites and other media that have contributed to these web pages.  This website will be updated daily as new sites and information are added.  This page will always be a work in progress. If we have made an error please email me with the information listed below and we will correct all mistake. 

The lessons presented on this website have been designed from communicating with teachers in their everyday classrooms.  These educators have explained what their students are having they are struggling with.  All worksheets have been created and or designed relative to what teachers have explained through emails or in speaking with them while they are teaching a class.

To Reiterate

The lessons on this site and the photography posted are for informational and teaching purposes only.  This website receives no money for any and all lessons posted.  The site is designed as a pay forward to the world in the sphere of education.  If by mistake you discover a copyright infringement please ask and we will remove the work in question.  We take care to give due credit to everything and everyone.

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www.kidstime.com/ atschool.eduweb.co.uk/toftwood/solar.html
www.little-g.com/shockwave/colorcount.html www.beaconlearningcenter.com/WebLessons/AsTheEarthTurns/default.htm
www.learningplanet.com/act/numbertrain/index.asp www.volcanogallery.com/Places-Punaluu.htm
jc-schools.net/dept.html mathslice.com/ol_pow.php
www.internet4classrooms.com/k12links.htm www.aaamath.com/B/cmp.htm
mathslice.com/ol_pow.php www.mrnussbaum.com/cashout/index.html
www.etech.ohio.gov/jcore/portal/Home.jsp www.hardin.k12.ky.us/res_techn/countyjeopardygames.htm
www.northcanton.sparcc.org/~techresources/index.html www.ode.state.oh.us/academic_content_standards/
Jefferson County Schools

Kathy Schrooks

www.ode.state.oh.us/ece/standards1/Early%20Childhood%20Standards-9-05%20revised.pdf www.bbc.co.uk/schools/scienceclips/ages/7_8/rocks_soils.shtml
www2.kpbsd.k12.ak.us/tech/plan/learn.tech/append.A.htm www.bbc.co.uk/schools/
www.abc.net.au/children/games/default.htm www.lessonplanz.com/
www.quizville.com/mathIndex.php www.iknowthat.com/com
www.center.k12.mo.us/edtech/everydaymath.htm   Colleen McLain www.bogglesworldesl.com/
www.gamequarium.com/ Stories by Bill Peet
Educational Technology Training Center Stories by Dr. Seuss
Houghton Mifflin Reading Series These videos complement the text books already purchased.

Walt Disney for the sing a longs

Houghton Mifflin for their stories

Dr. Arlys E. Peterson University of Sioux Falls Sioux Falls, SD 57105 Teacher on Line Training
www.education.com Highlights  (High Five)
McGraw-Hill My Math K5 Learning

































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