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 QR Codes


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If you use your scanner you will be able to listen to the QR code on the left and view the QR code below.
  1. Interesting way to use QR Codes in the classroom   PDF file
Qrafter - QR Code and Barcode Reader and Generator

You may download this to your iPad or smart phone




Note:  QR Code lessons with Worksheets (Requires an iPad, iPod Touch, smart phone or Android Device)


Websites to Assist you


Use #1 or #1B below to create your QR Code. #1 is use most often if you only plan on typing the contents.  #1B is used most often if you plan on just paste the URL. 

  1. Create a QR Code       1B. Create a QR Code

  2. Create a Code with your voice  (#2 Not used often)

  3. Create a QR Code by typing in the words you wish to hear on the QR Code. (Note #3 will allow you to change the QR Code to any  language) .

  4.  Posting the QR Code in your Google Account will allow you to connect an image to a QR Code.

Important Video
Creating Math Problems  and more
Using Smart Notebook &

Easy method of designing lessons video on the right.

1.  Complete Video on creating math problems in smart notebook and copy and paste to word.  This video will show you the easiest method!
Click here for video  (on Youtube)
Smart Notebook Example Click here to down load example
Important **  If you download the example and it shows the file is zipped. Just do a save as and type .notebook at the end the second time and it will be saved as a notebook.

Remember the vides on the right should answer all questions! 


  1. Video -- How to create an account on YouTube

  2. Video -- How to upload your video to your account.  
    make sure you hit Publish when done) Your video cannot
                          be accessed until you do.

  3. Video -- How to design a QR lesson using only Word.

  4. Video --  How to design a QR lesson using Word and
                   Smart Notebook.

  5. Video --  Creating your voice on a QR code.

  6. Video --  Create a voice QR code by typing.

  7. Video --  How to upload a photo & link to a QR code.

Part 1 Word Only to create QR Codes Part 2 Smart Notebook & Word
Videos & PDF file  


This video shows how to use Smart Notebook and word to create a QR lesson.
(This is often an easier method)

Video1 Simple Method

Using Word

Directions  PDF

Using Word

A little more detail


Examples  (1) Below    (2) Click here for QR Lessons

1.  Reading Comprehension Website

2.  Math Assistance Website

3.  Using QR Codes in the Classroom

4.  Discussing Ideas for QR Codes in

5.  Many different things you may do with a QR



6.  Some more Educational Uses for QR Codes

7.  Awards for students (Name tags for doing something


7.   Example lesson with a QR code attached

8.     Around the World in 80 Days with 2D codes by
        Ubimark books