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Video Directions Example Lessons
Video Directions (1)  Lesson PDF FILE For Student Lesson Word Doc.  For Teacher
Video Directions (2) converting the lesson to a QR Code so students may check for the correct  answers if you want! Example Lessons

1. Lesson  Addition

2. Lesson   Add Subtract

3. Lesson  Place Value

4. Lesson Currency


5. Lesson  Multiplication

6. Lesson  Division

7. Lesson  Algebria

8. Lesson  Order of Operations

Video  Directions (3) Making your Google File so it may be accessed by anyone using your QR Code.
QR Code  All Directions


If you wish to type the answers for your lesson click the button below to create your QR Code.  As you type the answers your code will be created.

If you know the address ( of the object/) You wish to link to then: Click the button below  and copy and paste the link to create the QR Code.

Or Easier! You can create a copy of the one you just created and save it as an answer key with answers.  Make sure you send me the word and PDF file for each one.  So you will be sending me two for each lesson.
Notes:  Don't forget to use Snipping tool located under Accessories to copy and paste QR Code or what ever else you wish to copy.