Microsoft Word used Creatively

Ashland University  Professional Development

Online Class

You will discover digital videos and in addition examples showing you how to utilize Microsoft word in this unique manner.  

There are several advantages of using word in the following method of instruction.  

(1) it allows you to enhance the integration of word and leaning
      almost seamlessly. 
(2) you may utilize your lessons in the classroom without dependency  
      on the Internet should it go down.  
(3) you will become a facilitator in your classroom walking around
      the class and watching the students work on their assignments.  
(4) you will be able to provide students with engaged work.  
(5) Grading assignments will be easier.
(6) Your lessons will be more
enjoyable for teaching and learning!

(7) Make adjustments for your grade level and course


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Types of Lessons
Examples Videos
(1)  Writing

(1)  Required

1. Tooth Story  

2. Where is my Puppy

3.  My Pet Dog

4.  My Christmas Story

5.  All About Me

6.   The Frog

7.  Writing a story 2 Picture

8.  Writing a story 4 Picture

1.  Video


(2)  Reading for comprehension
(1)  Required


1.  Natural History Museum

2.   Declaration of Independence

3.    Rainforest

4.  Finding the Meanings of Words


2.  Video
(3) Hidden

(1) Required

1. Antonyms
2.  Root Words
3.  Math
4.  States and Capitals
5.  Country Flags

6.  Longitude Latitude

7.  Map of South America
8.  Maps of States
9.  Traveling Sales Man 

1.  Video

2.  Video

((4)  Coded

(2) Required


Grade Level 1.  Video
Who am I
7 & 8
Social Studies
7 & 8
Social Studies
Goods & Services
Social Studies
Blank Doc  --   Blank PDF  (Students create their own coded messages)
Aquatic Ecosystem Lesson 5th
(5)  Coded
Message for spelling words

(3) Required


Normally used for Kindergarten - 1st and 2nd grade.  Please look at the examples we have provided for you.  You will discover a blank word document that may open and use.
Click on ENABLE EDITING this allows you to make adjustments to the document.   You may use the snipping tool to place the photo.  You will notice that we have prepared three different methods of learning how to spell.
Blank Doc  -- Blank PDF
(Students may create their own coded messages with images) using the PDF
1. Lesson Example (1) using a picture to work from and code
2. Lesson Example (2) using code only then draw the picture

Practice Test Making

K - 12 Example lessons:  Addition - Subtraction - Multiplication - Division - Algebra   Your students may create their own testing worksheet. In word or pencil on PDF
  Lesson - word blank
Lesson - Example
Lesson - PDF