Class Video Podcasting

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Video on how to create digital a instructional video
Example videos on how to create a Video Podcasting

For 1. Power Point 2. Stories         


1.  Video for Power Point
Video for a Story

A video showing you how you may record a story on a video and allow the students to read from the video and record their voices. Video
Creating a video on top of a video explaining the video the students are watching. Video
Smart software free with Smart-board Recorder available when you install smart software.
Software for video podcasting other than Smart software.  Easy to use 

Screen Recorder
Screen Cast-O- Matic

Easy to use only need a microphone.

Two examples stories in power point that you may wish to have your students create or you create and have them read using this concept.   This will allow your students to hear themselves reading when you play the video back.  Very powerful tool and easy to do Great way for students also to make a presentation for the rest of the class on any topic.

Example ideas:  Presentations for History, English, Math or Science any grade level.

Seasons Danielle's Teddy Bear
Examples by:
Holly Logan
Picture Walk ABC Book My School
Level 1
My School
Level 2
My School
Level 3
High School: Examples using 21st Century teaching concepts.  Teachers may create videos.  Students creating their video presentations allowing the students to take an active part in their learning and having fun doing so.  You are only limited by your imagination!
Example by:  Dan Michel  He teaches 12 grade Social studies.   Mr. Michel using this tool to incorporate 21st Century teaching.  Videos are created by himself and his students.  Using power point.  You will find examples to the right and also on the state standard website Located under 12th Grade Social Studies (Government and Citizenship rights ) Click Here Egyptian Cartoon Video by: Dan Michel Egyptian Cartoon-2 Video by: Dan Michel Video on Freedom of Speech and Litigation  Student:  Anthony Lumpp
Example Videos maybe found throughout this website.  However you will discover recent ones located:  Click on "Smart Board" then "How to Create a Lesson".  These examples will demonstrate how videos will help you and your students.
You will discover that this teaching tool is extremely easy to create and you may learn how to use this tool in 5 minutes or less.
What is needed for this course:
1.  A newer computer capable of rendering digital videos

2.  Smart Board Software.  Smart board is not needed.

3.  Microphone to record your voice

Screen Recorder
Screen Cast-O- Matic

  1. Only need a microphone. 
  2. This is free software.
  3. Download and store on your computer
  4. You may use this if you do not have Smart Ed software on your computer.