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Create your QR Code

The Video below will show you how may create a video lesson and place it on YOUTUBE.  This will save you time and much-much easier than on a Google Account. 
Click here for printed Instructions.
  This is the button you want to copy and paste to the top of your lesson.  You will add two links to this button.  You will remove the first link after it had be activated and opened the video.  You must then copy the second video link with the word view at the end.  This link must replace the first one on the button. The second link will permit the student to click on it once the lesson has been saved again as a PDF file.  Video 7 will explain in detail.

Note Video1 : If you publish your video on YOUTUBE you only need to save your word document with the button as a PDF format. Then to check out your lesson Publish your video first then after it is published you should only need to click on the video button and the video you created will appear.

1B. Create a QR Code

QR Code is not need if you use the Video Button

Video (1) Creating a video lesson and placing it on YOUTUBE  Easier than saving it in your Google account.  Look at the Note as it will explain again what you may wish to do.


The link above will allow you to copy and paste your address for the video.  It will automatically create your QR Code for you.  You only need to use the Snipping tool if you are on Windows to copy and paste the QR Code on the top of your Lesson next to the Video Directions  button presented to you.  Example listed below.

Video (1) Creating a Google Account
Video (2) Setup your folder on your computer to save your lessons to.
Video (3)  Creating your lesson Below is the software you will want to download on your computer Steps listed below will make sure you have the correct link on the video icon. The videos on the left will assist you.  Note:  Below is not needed if you place your video on YOUTUBE!
Video (4) Installing video software on your computer


1.    Paste icon on word document at or near the top of your lesson.

2.    The video is uploaded to your Google Folder.

3.    Click on the video and obtain the link.

4.    Paste the link in the website that creates the QR Code

5.    Go to your word document and click and Insert the link to the Video icon.

6.    Control key and mouse on your video icon to link to the video.

7.    The video will have the word view after it.

8.    Remove the current link that is on the video icon

9.    Now insert the new video link with the  word view.

10.Doing this prior to saving your word document will allow you to access the video without having to sign in to Google!

11.Save the word document as a PDF file also.



VIDEO (5) Opening up QR Code Link and placing windows button on Lesson.

Screen Recorder Screen Cast-O- Matic  This is free software on this website to use and will quickly install.  FREE Works with  Windows and Mac computers


I have placed some example lessons below using this video concept.  You will discover that once you have made several videos it is quite easy and will take teaching for you to a whole new level.  This will allow students to work at home and permit groups of students with differentiated teaching. Student may play your video over and over again.

1. Lesson Fractions add & Subtract
2. Lesson Multiply Decimals
3. Lesson Fractions adding mixed numbers


VIDEO (7) Transfer video to Google Folder and Creating Link and QR Code for your video.

Directions listed in the order that the videos will help in completing this course. Click PDF file.

If you are in need of a white board to write on for your video I am listing two links for you.  If you find a better link please email me so that I may place it on here for future educators.

1. Sketch Two

2. Drawing tool

3. Touch Draw Share

4. Sketch Pad (Free Drawings)