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IMPORTANT -- IMPORTANT  - Apple Computer users   If you are creating your videos and then linking the video to the button on your document on your apple computer.   YOU cannot save the document in PDF format, it will not work.  Please place the link on the button and email me your lesson with the link attached to the button in the word document.  I will then save the document in PDF format for you and send it back.  Apple computers will not allow you to do this!  I am more than happy to do this for you.

Videos to help you with is course

Button for Lesson

Placing the button and Hyper-linking to the Video.

The Video below will show you how may create a video lesson and place it on YOUTUBE.  This will save you time and much-much easier than on a Google Account. 
Click here for printed Instructions.

Since this video was created Google has made some changes to uploading your video and publishing it. Not to worry as it will be close enough that you will not have a problem.

  This is the button you want to copy and paste to the top of your lesson that is interactive with your video.  Once your video has been created you will hyperlink the video to this button.  The  link will permit the student to click on it once the lesson has been saved  as a PDF file.  Video 7 will explain in detail.

Note Video1 : If you publish your video on YOUTUBE you only need to save your word document with the button as a PDF format. Then to check out your lesson Publish your video first then after it is published you should only need to click on the video button and the video you created will appear.

Your Video:
1) If you place it on your Youtube channel:  You only need to copy the link to the button
2) If you placed your video in your Google account:
     a.  Make sure you placed it in a folder and adjust the access to the folder so everyone may get to it.  If you do not adjust this people will have to ask for permission to view your video.
Window Computer --- Microsoft Word:  Use the Snipping tool to copy and paste the button to the top of your lesson.  Copy the link from your video to the button by:
1) In word click on the button then  text wrap allowing you to move the button.
2) Click on the button once you have it in place.  Go to Insert look for Links and place the link on that button.
3) When your lesson is complete save as a PDF file this will allow the student to open it up on the Internet and click on the button to obtain your video.
Apple Computer ---  Using the Apple Computer and Microsoft Word
1) Copy the button using the following keys"
TO COPY A Button OR JUST AN AREA OF THE SCREEN To Copy use the Shift - Control Command keys and #4. Highlight and copy the button and place it on your lesson b.
      b. Command V TO PASTE 
Video (1) Creating a video lesson and placing it on YOUTUBE  Easier than saving it in your Google account.  Look at the Note as it will explain again what you may wish to do.


Video (1) Creating a Google Account
Video (2) Setup your folder on your computer to save your lessons to.
Video (3)  Creating your lesson Below is the software you will want to download on your computer



Video (4) Installing video software on your computer

QR Codes are not required for this lesson.

VIDEO (5) Opening up QR Code Link and placing windows button on Lesson.

Screen Recorder Screen Cast-O- Matic  This is free software on this website to use and will quickly install.  FREE Works with  Windows and Mac computers


  1. Video (4) Installing Video Recorder software on your computer
     You may video your lesson then
  2. You may pause your video and write the answers on your lesson with directions then continue with the video and the students will see the answers to your example.  Then pause the video again allowing you to video the image I have saved for you on your screen.  Only video for 5-7 seconds.
  3. I have created for you an image that you may wish to use to tell the students to pause the video.  You can stop the video bring up the image and record for about 5 seconds then pause the video and continue with your lesson.  CLICK HERE FOR PDF IMAGE OF PAUSE VIDEO NOW


VIDEO (7) Transfer video to Google Folder and Creating Link and QR Code for your video.


I have placed some example lessons below using this video concept.  You will discover that once you have made several videos it is quite easy and will take teaching for you to a whole new level.  This will allow students to work at home and permit groups of students with differentiated teaching. Student may play your video over and over again.

1. Lesson Fractions add & Subtract
2. Lesson Multiply Decimals
3. Lesson Fractions adding mixed numbers
5.  Lesson Math Picture puzzle

This video will show you how you may install PENS allowing you to write on your document while you are creating your video.  It will not work on old Microsoft word software. (Click Here)



1.     1.   Click on the word FILE.

2.     2. Click on OPTIONS

3.     3.  CLICK ON customize ribbon

4.     4.  Click on popular commands    THEN ALL COMMANDS

5.     5.  HOME TAB IS OPEN  Click on NEW GROUP   

a.      Change name to PENS

b.     Slide down on the left until you find PENS CLICK ADD

c.      CLICK OK



Directions listed in the order that the videos will help in completing this course. Click PDF file.

If you are in need of a white board to write on for your video I am listing two links for you.  If you find a better link please email me so that I may place it on here for future educators.

1. Sketch Two

2. Drawing tool

3. Touch Draw Share

4. Sketch Pad (Free Drawings)