Differentiated Instruction 
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Example of Power Point by Grade Videos

1)  Differentiated math
2)  Math 1st Grade
3) Differentiated Math Add - Subtract.

Video 1 --   7 minutes Video 2 --  
4 minutes

4) 3RD Grade Word Problems

5) 4th Grade Subtracting from Zero

Order of using this presentation
  1. Download the power point first and save it in a folder that you have created.

  2. Open up the written directions.

  3. Watch both videos with the understanding that you may pause a video try what you have just seen and then continue with the video and repeat.

  4. Click on the green button that says Random Name Generator (this will open up the power point with the flash that you will work with)


What is Differentiated Teaching:
Differentiated instruction is teaching with student variation in mind. It means starting where the kids are rather than adopting a standardized approach to teaching that presumes all learners alike.  Differentiated instruction is “responsive” teaching rather than standardized teaching.

A fuller definition of differentiated instruction is that a teacher proactively plans varied approaches to what students need to learn, how they will learn it, and/or how they can express what they have learned in order to increase the likelihood that each student will learn as much as he or she can as efficiently as possible.

Written directions