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Last Updated 11 / 2017

Note:  If you discover you are in need of assistance on something that a video has not been created for please contact Email Dan Hoffman.   We will create that video for you, and publish it on this site!

Microsoft Office 2010
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Moon Walking

Ripping Music from a CD 

Creating Special Effects


How to create a Video Podcast

Creating a Mothers day card or any card using power point and your imagination

Creating Calendars in Word 2013 Now Avaiable




Creating a compressed folder using one of the graduate classes as an example

Google Docks The video covers the following
  1. Creating Word - video
  2. Spreadsheet - video - beginner
  3. Saving - video - Edit & Save
  4. Sharing - video - 3 min video
  5. Sharing - video - 10 min video
  6. uploading - video 3 min video







     KEEPVID.COM This software will allow you to download any size video from youtube for free.   It will store it in My Documents under my videos.  You must install it on your computer.


How to create a VIDEO Podcast

Three (3) software programs  Camtaisa, Smart Ed and Screen Cast O Matic


Smart Ed Software

Website for Camtaisa Studio 

The Smart Ed software is very easy to learn and use.  You will find it located clicking the button below.  This is a course I am teaching but you may watch the videos for free.

To Download Trial software
Watch instructional Videos

Download Smart Ed software clicking button below

Screen Cast O Matic

This software is extremely easy to use.  You only need to install on your computer and your ready to go.  It takes a total of 3 minutes to grasp the whole concept.

Download and store the software by clicking on the button below.  This is Free to use