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This is an ongoing website to assist people that are dyslexic.  We will be updating this site as we discover new ideas and new sites.  The websites listed below are what we have found with information at this time.
Dyslexia Introduction with examples with simulation Introduction
Learning with specific learning difficulties.  Covers some ideas Vision Learning and Dyslexia
Examples choosing the level of difficulty Examples presented
This site allows you to type in words and it will read them back to you.  You also may purchase software. Natural Reader
Teaching and supporting pupils with dyslexia Department of Education
Solves the issue of how to help reading problems for those with reading dyslexia Sound Reading Solutions
This is a guide for teachers and parents. A dyslexic child in the classroom
How a Teacher can help a dyslexic student learn effectively in the classroom Rants & Raves from the Right Side by Dyslexia
How to teach a Dyslexic child WikiHow
Get yourself a free font designed for dyslexics Open Dyslexic Font
How to cope with dyslexia as an Adult Easy read system
This site will present different findings with some websites at the end. Flash Power Point


Investigating dyslexia friendly practices in teacher education