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Certificate Maker   Check out Cheapest Gas Prices in your Area


Allows staff in the district to obtain a simpler and more accurate method of obtaining the number of miles they travel from building to building

Handwriting worksheet Maker

Creates a worksheet for lower grades allowing student to learn how to write.

Microsoft Power toys.  Image Resizer
for windows

This link will provide you with a software program that allows a person to take a larger photo graph and reduce it in size. Windows XP



Coloring book and much more on this page

Microsoft Power toys.  Image Resizer
for windows
Vista & Windows 7

This link will provide you with a software program that allows a person to take a larger photo graph and reduce it in size. Windows 7 and Vista Test Your Reflexes

Check out your reflexes

Class Tools

Create free educational games, quizzes, activities and diagrams in seconds! Host them on your own website! No signup, no passwords, no charge!

Stop Watch

Timer count up or down with alarm at the end

Super Logo

Need a quick and simple logo or slogan?  Check this site out!  It is words only. Alarm Clock Multiple allowing you to have several alarms go off at different times.
Prism Video Conversion Software

Click here to create your Calendar


Scratch is a object oriented programming software for kids. Students can create animated scenarios by connecting action blocks. There are many samples to view on the website.



 There are many open source options that must be downloads. I like the fact that I don't need to download anything to use Zoho. My students, as I often say, can do their homework in China as long as they had a reliable Internet connection.

Web-based product

Zoho is a web-based working suite. Zoho has a spreadsheet program, word-processing program and presentation program and many more options. I use Zoho with my students because it is web bases.
The Teachers Guide Many different links for teachers at all levels

Convert wma to mp3

Zip Skinny
Demographics any Zip Code



If your home computer is connected to the Internet without an antivirus program, it is certain that your computer will become infected!  If your current antivirus subscription has expired or, worse, you never had an antivirus program on your computer, you can purchase a commercial product from companies such as select one of these free programs



Detects malware automatically before it can infect.  Free

Windows Defender

You may also install this free spyware program to your Windows XP or Vista PC from Microsoft:


FileMail Filemail.com is a service that makes it really easy for all of us to send and receive big files in an easy, fast and secure way! We offer our free service to everybody without registration. If you need to send files at work, we have a perfect solution to cover all your needs!

The idea behind Filemail.com was born the summer of 2008 in Oslo, Norway. We found it very hard to send large files with e-mail, so we decided to develop a solution that was so easy to use that even our mothers could use it! Unlike all the other providers we could find, we wanted our solution to:
  • Not require registration to send files
  • Have a high upper limit on file size - 2 gigabytes!
  • Be as easy to use as any normal e-mail client
  • Have the possibility to select multiple files with one click
Filemail has come a long way since the beta release in January 2008, but our free service still has few restrictions and our corporate customers have an easy, fast, secure and affordable service! 

Speed Test of your Internet Service 

Weebly The easiest way to create a website.
CLICK HERE  If you have a question on which software you would like to use in your class to best teach students?  Or is your software compatible with Smart Notebook.

Screen Recorder
Screen Cast-O- Matic

Easy to use only need a microphone.

Zillow  - Real Estate

Google Special Searches

Search any web page fast

  • Find It! When searching for a specific item on a webpage, click CTRL + F and type a keyword into the search field.  Press enter on the keyboard and the desired text will be highlighted.

    Comprehensive Search