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Websites for Music

Great website that you must view by ALL educators.  (CLICK HERE)
Many musical listings on YOU TUBE for America (Click Here)
Danny Boy -- A tribute to those left behind after the war (Click Here)
Special thanks to Melissa Grunden from Botkins Local Schools
1 Composer information


2 New York Philharmonic site for kids
3 Music Games for Kids
4 Opera Hansel & Gretl for Kids
5 Pairs art & music for kids

6 Many different resources

7 Composer information, music, games, etc.



 Games &



Carnegiehall  Webpage link missing trying to fix
Creating music
Music games
Learning games art_and_music_games
Northern Ireland / schools
9 Resource center for teachers
10 Bulletin boards and power point lessons for music:
11 Songs in many different languages
12 Free notation software
13 Music theory

14  links to other sites:

15 Music  Game very good - Flash needed