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 Smart Board Resources - updated  Nov  2015

Education for the 21st Century--Video



VIDEO - 1    Introduction     


VIDEO - 2    Where to find tools and how to use them

VIDEO - 3    Where to find other interesting  Lessons

VIDEO - 4   Animation - Sound -  Special Affects -  21st Century Skills

VIDEO - 5  Early Childhood to 12th Grade Examples and Ideas    EXAMPLE


How to Create a Lesson

The link on the left will make available written and or video directions of how to create a lesson using Smart Ed technology.  You will also find a link at the bottom to down load smart board software.

The professional development notebook hyper linked on the left will allow you to visually and with hands on use games in your class.  You will also discover how you may have your parents get more involved using 21 century skills.  This was presentation was prepared by several of our elementary teachers.


This website will be updated by our teaching staff to assist all others using My Math.

Lessons from other Websites

This link will allow you to view  links from all over the world that contain lessons that you may wish to download to your computer to use in class or modify to meet your needs.

21st Century Skills

You will discover many different math and logic problems on the site.  The logic may range from Pre School to 12th Grade.  You will discover they are easy to create and the major component is your imagination.  Please feel free to create your own and email them to us so that we may place them on this site. Place your name on the lesson if you like.

Lessons by Grade Level

These links are a work in progress, it will allow you to view smart board lessons created by a host of teachers for teachers in all grade levels from the Willoughby-Eastlake School District.  When completed you will discover web pages that contain lessons for all elementary grades in the areas of  (Math - Science - Social Studies - Language Arts)
Kindergarten 3rd. Grade    
1st. Grade  4th. Grade    
2nd. Grade 5th Grade    

Animation You will discover many  methods of using Smart Ed technology for your students as they come into class each morning.  This site is loaded with ideas for you to use.
Interactive and Engaged site    
This is a must view site.  You and your students will be in total awe!!  This web page and site is what the paradigm shift is all about.
Famous People Several  lessons have been created to demonstrate for you ideas of methods used to present the history of famous people.
Foreign Language Work in progress
Animation, Sounds & Glitter
You will discover links permitting you to place animation in your lessons and sound if need be.

To place sounds in your Lessons check how to create a lesson using Smart Ed technology above.

Games & Bell Work You will discover several games on this site allowing you to modify and change them to your class.