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Converting Audio and Video Files

1.  Media.io It is by far the easiest method to convert audio to mp3.
2.  Media Converter Another great site for converting files from one format to another.
3.  Left blank for new update  

4.      Website for Free
         Mp3 Recorder
         Easy to use

Until the new version 11.0 is released, you may want to use the site  to record your own audio and download the file directly to your computer. Once its downloaded, you can attach it to an object inside Smart Notebook. This is a great way to add audio positive feedback to an object or to play an audio version of a particular word or phrase when you touch the corresponding text object.
5.                       KEEPVID.COM Zamzar will no longer provide you with the option to   download youtube videos.  Zamzar will still allow you to covert other forms of media.  The program link on the left will allow you to download complete videos from Youtube.

6.     Left blank for new update

7.     Instructional Video
        Down Load Videos
This video will provide directions allowing you to download all videos from YOUTUBE very easy! You may find this blocked at school!
8.             Vocaroo This website will allow you to create sound (your voice) and down load itd as an MP3 or Wav file or send it to other media. Depending on your computer system you may plug in your microphone or use the microphone on your laptop if you have one.   Make sure if you download it you check the download folder on your computer in reference to the date to find the file then save it to a folder that you will use later.


1.  Simply the best Sounds for you

    B. Sound affects from Star Trek Space Ship

2.  Sound files

2A.  Special Effects  New as of Jan 2019

3.  Graphics for you to copy and paste

4.  More Graphics animation

5.  Find sounds New very good

6. Royalty-Free Music  (Music of all kinds)
      a.  Songs for kids (many different songs)

7. Free sound effects
a.  Sound effects new cartoon

8.  Best Animation - new as of June 2017

9.  Free Animation

10.  Animated Superheroes   New

11.  More AnimationSite has been changed June 2017

12. Special Animation Gifs (List everything ALPHA very good) Disney

12-A  Hassle free Clip Art (This site has quite a few clip arts that you may use)

13. Animation - site is ok


If you are using Windows 7 -  Explorer when going to Glitter you must go to TOOLS Compatibility view before it will work.


Flaming text (Glitter)

Glitter text on Line

Flaming Text

Presentation Resources for Students & Teachers!

Cardinal Varsity Letters 

Create Text in different Languages
Create Text upside down

Create 1001 Fonts

Creating Gifs

On Line Image Editor

Font using wood


13. Animation Website  Categories

14.  Banners  New

15.  Animation Play house  Many

16.  Cartoon Animation     (Must see)    

17.  Animation Cartoon Gifs New 

18.  Clip Art

19.  Backgrounds    (take a look if needed)

20. 50 Unbelievable cool places

20.  Cartoon Backgrounds ( interesting)

21.  Animation (moving internet clip art)


1.   Wordle   Creates Words in a random sequence.   Very good try this out!

2.  Great Puzzle maker  Create your own puzzles on line

2A  Daily Jigsaw Puzzle  Maker   Make your own jig saw puzzle - Register

3.  Interactive    Download and create 23 different easy to use lessons  Software is free to use.  From the UK Endless possibilities  4 Star 
This is a must see website

.  Graphing tool for Smart Board   
    Design graphs for your students
    allow them to graph on the spot.

5.  Creating Signs
6.  Create your own Jig saw  
This website will
       allow you to create your own Jig saw puzzle to
       incorporate new ideas or an introduction.  Simple and
       easy to use.


1  Special Effects Photos  7 Special Effects Photos
2 Special Effects Photos   8 Special Effects Photos
3 Special Effects Photos  9 Special Effects Photos
4 Special Effects Photos  10 Special Effects Photos
5 Special Effects Photos  11 Web Cam
6 Special Effects Face Swap 12 Techniques for Photo Sketches

  Video on how to create a
     Mothers day card or any event



1.Visual Keyboard  ( Great for teaching music)

2. Complete Virtual Piano Keyboard (All the Keys)

3. Piano Keyboard ( fun on a smart board)

4. Freaky Franks Music Machine

5.  Thumb Piano Tunes

6.  Make Music   Crank it up!

7.  Create Tunes 

8.  Create Fun music (Composition workshop)

9.  List of songs in PDF format