You will discover many technology skills on this web page.  You will be provided with free instructional videos and lessons.  Please let me know if you need something new created.  There are many lessons listed below that are free for you to use.  If you require college credit then please [CLICK HERE] this will take you to the webpage that we have provided for you to pick up college credit from Ashland.


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Updated August  / 2018

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Education for the 21st Century--Video





1.Primary Smart Board   1. Microsoft Word for Fun

This is an intro to Smart Board with examples




This is created to allow you to use Microsoft several different ways.





2. Level II Smart Board
  2. Basic Power Point Games

You will learn a few more new methods of using Smart Board software





Introduction to creating power point games for your students.  Several examples are presented




3. 21st Century Smart Ed Lessons 3. Power Point Open House

Using Smart Notebook you will shown how you may use this in a unique manner in your classroom.





You often have to present a power point presentation for your parents this will assist you in doing so.




4. Video Podcasting 4.Excel in the classroom

A great method of teaching students with videos




You will discover many examples with videos on how you may use Excel at all grade levels.



5.Flipped Classroom 5.  Author Animated Tales

This examples is very much like Video Podcasting.






This is truly a super method of having students create stories online with animation.



6. Differentiated Instruction using Smart Board 6. Author Stories using word Documents

Often you must use differentiated instruction in a classroom.



    This webpage will illustrate how you may wish to better have your students author their own work using Microsoft word. 




7. Converting Power Point to Smart Notebook 7. Differentiated Instructionusing Power Point

A simple but powerful method of converting power point to Smart note book and why.





If you do not have Smart Notebook and you wish to create differentiated instruction you may doing following the examples and videos on this web page.






8. Smart Board Tool Kit 8. Design Interactive Videos

In using Smart Notebook you will be presented many different tools that will allow you teach  your class with.




This webpage will show you how you may create a video for you classroom and make sure they watch not only the video but answer the questions that you have provided.





9. Smart Board Activity Builder      

An unique method of creating lessons allow students to grasp what you are showing them.  Requirements you must have at the very least Smart Notebook version 11.5





10. Blending Technology      

We will provide you with instructions on how to create and better blend technology in the classroom.  Once you learn how this is done you will wonder why you have not done this sooner.