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**Writing Code**

Many different levels of coding will be placed on this website.   I will place them on here allowing you to decided which one you wish to work on first.  Go to Level 2 for quick learning
(1) Abcya Code  Grade levels 2 - 8
Starts off simple and will become more difficult at different levels (3)

This game has been removed it needed flash


Login and password needed  (Teacher)


(4)  Creating QR Codes.  (CLICK HERE)

You will discover a complete source on this webpage allowing you to design your own QR Codes with Videos, Examples, and Links allowing you an easy method of creating your QR Code.

Levels: 1-Basic    2-Procedures    3-Loops
Level -1 Answer-Sheet
Level -2 Answer-Sheet
Level -3 Answer-Sheet
Click above to start your code of games.  You will be required to have a login and an email to activate this code lesson.
(2) Code Official Site  (The coding is preceded by a video. The videos are educational -- you may skip the video if you prefer by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the video).  
1. Star Wars & BB-8 &   Good one 2. Maze-1  Good one 3. Code Floppy

4. Code for Frozen Good one

5. Puzzle Artist  Good one

6. Course 1 (this game has been removed)

7. Code Learning & Angry bird

8. Studio Code  Good one

9. Choose which game you wish to code.

10.  Choose the code and grade level.  

Screen name - Password
Depending on Age may need Parents ok and email!

Click Above

1.  Lesson (1)  for Writing Code

2.  Lesson (1) Creating QR Code

App  Lab

App Lab is a programming environment where you can make simple apps. Design an app, code with blocks or JavaScript to make it work, then share your app in seconds.


The Complete Guide for Learning Code:  Tools and Resources