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Note:    This is an introductory and exploratory step in assisting educators with lessons for students of certain needs. You will discover some  more fun learning activities for all grades and subjects as time goes by.  Please email me if you uncover a lesson that you wish to have posted or have one created for your students Please remember the main idea of this website is to identify and disseminate effective instructional and professional development resources. 


Math Lessons Addition:  A. LESSON   1. LESSON Subtraction: A. LESSON   1. LESSON   
Multi.: 1. LESSON   2. LESSON  Division:  1. LESSON  2. LESSON
Online Addition Online Subtraction
Online Multiplication Online Division
Cross-number Math Puzzles
All areas of Math
Fractions and Decimals Lessons
Lessons accompanied with Videos
Add &  Subtract Word Problems Building a Model First   Choose your model
Multiply & Divide Word Problems Building a Model First   Choose your model
Fractions     Word Problems Building a Model First   Choose your model
Ratios $ Proportions Word Problems Building a Model First  Choose your model
The conversion lessons to the right are for the students who wish to be challenged. Lessons with videos Number System Conversations
Binary -- Octal -- Hexadecimal
Lesson-1    CODE-Fundamental-Properties-OF-Mathematics  PDF
Lesson-1A    CODE-Geometry-Vocabulary   Word
Lesson-2    CODE Identifying-Triangles    PDF
Lesson-3    Find-The-Missing-Angle - Word


Missing Addend Missing Subtrahend Missing Multiplier Missing Divisor  
Picture Math Puzzles Lessons Difficulty The Picture Puzzles are differentiated. The higher the number of the lesson the more difficult the lesson. 

Lessons 9 on up require paying close attention to detail.

A. Lesson-AA 0
1. Lesson 0
2. Lesson 1
3. Lesson 3
4. Lesson 4
5. Lesson 4
6. Lesson 5
7. Lesson 3
8. Lesson 4
9. Lesson 6
10. Lesson 6
11. Lesson 6
12. Lesson 6
13. Lesson 6
14. Lesson 6
15. Lesson 6
Different  Find the different space man
Visual Memory Try to remember the sequence
Science Lessons      
Lesson-1 Light PDF Lesson-2 Rock - PDF
Lesson-3 Sound  WORD Lesson-4 Tectonic Plate WORD
Power Point game questions on the eye
Social Studies Oregon Trail Map Maker  
The Earth- Live Create A map  
Lesson on Earth
Open to place picture answers here
Lesson 7
Social Studies in General Scroll down the Social Studies to find
Davy Crockett & Swamp Fox
Scroll down the Social Studies to find
The Silent Service
 this is an documentary styled anthology series about the U.S. Navy's submarine fleet and their missions during World War II and the Korean War.  Every episode was fact based and the realism of the show was elevated by the use of actual combat footage from the files of the United States Navy.
Language Arts Lesson    Creating a story  2 pictures using WORD Lesson Creating a story 4 Pictures using WORD  
Story with animation Website Inference Lessons all Grades  
Code Lesson on Learning   Lesson  PDF  
Creating Coded Messages
Students may create their own coded messages from the blank sheet to the far right.
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Blank sheet for students to create their own CLICK HERE
Fun activities for students Creating Signs --  Make fun signs 
Printout - Snipping tool copy paste to word
Daily Jigsaw Puzzle  Maker  - Register
Use their puzzles or upload a photo
Great Puzzle Maker  Create your own puzzles on line  
Create your own Jigsaw Puzzles using Word or Power Point

Very Easy to create

Word:  Make your own jigsaw puzzle in word very easy to do and you may print it out.  Short video! Video
Power Point:  Make your own jigsaw puzzle in Power Point very easy to do and you may print it out.  Short video! Easy Video
Jigsaw images:  Some are listed below that you may use
  Toy Theater     Many different ideas --  Math, Reading, Art, Puzzle, Game, Classic  (This is a must see) TOOLBOX
Games This is Sand Very Good